Industry Challenges

The red line represents the available capacity of the practice over time. The columns represent the billable utilisation levels for the active projects, each project shown by a different colour. There are regular under and over capacity situations.

2 –
Under-capacity happens when the company has insufficient resources to fulfil its service commitments;
1 – Over-capacity occurs when there is insufficient work to occupy the resources.

Don’t have sufficient skills to deliver your project. Demand of a particular skill peaks beyond the available capacity. Project end dates change because of retention of consultants on extensions, slippage, rework, etc. Contractors may have other commitments and cannot meet the new timescales. Getting contractors on board a project can be a lengthy and costly. Often customer deadlines are tight. Changing customer demands may result in your own staff being on the bench more often.

Try to fill the resourcing gap on the project with less experienced consultants – increases potential risks. Consultant planned to join a project, then resign. Need an experienced replacement quickly. Need to get the project cost down to win the bid. Over time, the demand for each type of skill changes. It can cost a great deal to re-train your consultants or hire new ones. This skill transition often results in a drop in billable utilisation.

Not limited by your service capacity

Success in winning service contracts can result in over-capacity. You urgently need to find more consultants to fill the shortfall. Working with Prismar, we can be your virtual practice. With access to hundreds of experienced consultants  we could save you time and remove resourcing limitations in providing you with experienced staff.

Greater access to experienced staff

When your projects require specific expertise that you currently don’t have, it can delay activities for you. By working with Prismar, you will have access to hundreds of additional resources from which you may be able to find the exact skill fit you need. Making use of our bench of consultants lessens the risk of this situation happening.

Change your fixed costs to variable

When resourcing demand is varying, it makes good sense to have your own team take on the steady work, whilst deploying outside consultants that you can deploy to fill the demand between the highs and lows. Prismar can help by providing experienced consultants to undertake this variable demand without overhead, and if you require them.

Greater staffing flexibility

Outsourcing certain independent tasks allows your business to maintain financial flexibility where uncertainty in demand exists. Using Prismar, you can scale up or down your resources. Further, with off-shoring, you can do the same at a much lower cost, whilst providing the additional benefit of running your business at full throttle,

Better respond to market changes

New technology can bring great advantages to your customers. But it also means that your consultants need regular training and development to maintain customer value. Often the challenge is to find time between project commitments to do the training. Prismar can provide the resources until you can train your own staff.

Reduce timescales

Outsourcing to a country such as India, which is in a different time zone, gives you the advantage of making full use of your 24-hour day. Working as an extended part of your team, Prismar can take over and continue your work even after your employees go home. You get more woke done in the same time.

More time on core activities

Every business depends upon its key people to steer development in the right way. If, however, these same people are also loaded with much of the detail work, as the only option for the company to get the job done on time, then the work suffers.Prismar can help by carrying out the detail work whilst freeing key people to do the main tasks.

Better risk management

Outsourcing will allow you to share any associate risks with your outsourcing partners thereby reducing your cost burden. For example - by outsourcing to a Prismar, you reduce the risk involved in having the same task done in house by staff that may not have the same level of expertise needed to do the work.

Increase your competitiveness

By outsourcing to Prismar, you have access to hundreds of experienced consultants with a wide range of skills, who can help you compress your delivery timescales and help you lower your project costs. Whether you’re a small or large operation, you should can virtually add us to your practice size.


Unlike many resourcing organisations, when you work with Prismar, you are dealing with people who have considerable experience in the business. They come with extensive experience of managing similar operations at the highest level. The challenges have been part of their everyday life, and enable them to converse with you already knowing your business. With this clear differentiation, we:

  • Invest a great deal of our time searching the global markets for the most experienced delivery consultants.
  • Regularly evaluate the performance of each consultant so that we can promote to you only the best performers.
  • Provide you with a regular report giving details of who is available together with roles, experience and location. This can save you up to 90% of your resourcing costs and time.
  • We can work with you to select experienced consultants who can also provide coaching to your own junior staff and help develop their skills. Not only do you get an experienced delivery consultant for your project. But you will also be left with a stronger practice of your own.
  • Set up telephone interviews and support your selection process, making it faster and cheaper to complete your project resources.
  • We bill you only for the time you use the selected consultant. You will not have to worry about holidays, training and other administration days. Prismar looks after that for you.
  • Take back the consultant at the end of the contract, leaving you with no further cost or involvement.

Individual commitment to a group effort